Kabar Latuharhary

UN Deputy High Commissioner of Human Rights Meets Komnas HAM

Komnas HAM  meets United Nations Deputy High Commissioner of the Office of High  Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR), Kate Gilmore, on Wednesday, 8 November 2018, at Komnas HAM office Jakarta.

The meeting was introduced by Vice Chair Komnas HAM for External Affair Sandra Moniaga, who began the discussion by briefly highlighting Komnas HAM’s efforts to mainstream human rights efforts into Government policies. She explained that, “Komnas HAM has been investing considerable time and effort to ensuring that Government policies take human-rights based approach from inception to policy implementation in practice.

Commending Komnas HAM’s efforts, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner, Kate Gilmore emphasised on the importance of strengthening cooperation between the Indonesian Government, Komnas HAM, and the United Nations. The Deputy High Commissioner further asserted that it is imperative that the Government feel obligated to perform obligations that have been agreed upon.

The main issues that were discussed extensively by both parties included the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda and its motto of “leave no one behind”, human rights violations in Papua, violent extremism, agrarian related human rights violations, drug related policies, human rights defenders, and the possibility of a Government led open dialogue to address human rights violations.

The Deputy High Commissioner stressed on the importance of the effective implementation of Sustainable Development Goals as “the underlying message of SDGs is not that it is a poverty call, but a call for equality.”

Komnas HAM shared its plans for the Human Rights Festival, and also discussed its efforts in the promotion of human rights education and training with the Indonesian National Police.

Both parties expressed mutual appreciation for one another, and also the need to further strengthen collective efforts in order to address human rights violations. The meeting was also attended by Vice Chair Komnas HAM for Internal Affair Hairiansyah and Secretary General Tasdiyanto (Jeff)


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