Kabar Latuharary

Learning of Human Rights Cities Implementation from Other Countries

This parallel discussion centred on thetopic of the experiences of human rights cities of other countries, was held on Wednesday, 14 November 2018, during the Human Rights Festival 2018 in Wonosobo District, Central Java.

The panelof experts included Professor Syn, director of Gwanju International Centre;Faisal, director of Asia Democratic Networks; Aditya, representative of theDirectorate of the International Organization of Foreign Affairs; Beka UlungHapsara, commissioner of Komnas HAM; and Eko Setiono, expert staff of theGovernment of Wonosobo.

Discussion began by an introduction byProfessor Syn, who elaborated on the human rights situation in South Korea.According to Professor Syn, acts of intolerance and discrimination are almostnon-existent in Gwanju. "South Korea has rigorously investigated allegedviolations of human rights since 1980, promotes democratic participation in theWorld Human Rights Cities Forum (WHRCF)," Professor Syn said.

Faisal added that in order forcountries to improve access to human rights, respective governments must bewilling to improve its communication with international Non-GovernmentOrganizations, be open to participating in a democratic discussion on humanrights, and improve dissemination of information for its citizens. The lattercontributes to the strengthening of public participation and allows citizens tomake informed decisions.

Within the same token, Aditya suggested thatgovernments must be willing to include citizens in its endeavours regarding theimplementation of Sustainable Development Goals with organizations such as theUnited Nations.

Commissioner Beka of Komnas HAM commendedon Indonesia‚Äôs improvement with regards to human rights as compared to five yearsago. Beka added that regions in Indonesia have progressively taken human rightsbased approach to policy making and that he hopes to see increasingparticipation in the WHRCF from other regions of Indonesia. 

Eko concluded thediscussion by adding that Wonosobo has taken tremendous leaps to incorporateinformed human rights based approaches within its government and will continueto do so indefinitely. (Jeff)
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