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Pioneer in Indonesia, Human Rights Commission of Wonosobo District were Inaugurated

Nine members of the Wonosobo Human Rights Commission wereofficially inaugurated by Deputy Regent of Wonosobo Agus Subagyo on Tuesday, 6November 2018. The inauguration was attended by Mimin Dwi Hartono of Komnas HAM, Mugiyanto of INFID, and other Wonosoboregional leaders and community representatives.

Members of the commission consist of talents andrepresentatives of persons with disabilities, religious leaders, theGovernment, and community leaders. They were appointed based on the WonosoboRegent Decree Number 050/450/2018, in alignment with the implementation ofRegional Regulation Number 5 Year 2016 concerning Wonosobo Regency and HumanRights.

Expressing his support, Deputy Regent Agus Subagyohighlighted that human rights values and principles should be the soul in theadministration of governence in Wonosobo. He proudly announced, "Wecongratulate the commission members who will oversee the comission for the nextthree years."

Mimin Dwi Hartono expressed his appreciation andcongratulations on the formation and appointment of commission members."This is a historical moment in Indonesia as Wonosobo is the firstdistrict to have a Regional Regulation and Commission on Human Rights. Let ushelp them wholeheartedly in order to work optimally."

Mimin added, "Commitment to further strengthen anddevelop human rights as a fundamental principle as a basis in regionalregulation, and the establishment of the Human Rights Commission takes courageand is an extraordinary responsibility."

Meanwhile Mugiyanto, who has been actively assisting thegovernment and the people of Wonosobo to form a Regional Regulation andRegional Human Rights Commission, responded proudly to the commitments andachievements achieved by the Wonosobo community.

From 13 to 15 November 2018, the people of Wonosobo will hostthe Indonesian Human Rights Festival, which will also act as a platform for theWonosobo Human Rights Commission to begin their mandate and to formallyintroduce themselves to the community. (MDH/Jeff)

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