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The Need for Global and National Action to Overcome Intolerance

A rising rate of intolerance is not only take place in Indonesia, but also in its neighbour countries.

In order to address the issue, Komnas HAM convened a discussion session on "Tolerance, Human Rights and Grassroots Movement" held at the Komnas HAM Building on Monday (17/12). 

According to Ichal Supriadi from the Asia Democracy Network, acts of intolerance are permeate in countries such as India, Bangladesh and Myanmar, and often victimises minority groups. 

Concerned, Ichal expressed, "unfortunately, we still have not come up with any durable solution or effective collaborations to deal with intolerance." 

Contributing to the discussion, Allisa Wahid from the Gusdurian Network (JG) discussed the projects that JG is currently doing to foster and strengthen a sense of solidity and social cohesion at the grassroots level. 

"We use a variety of media platforms, namely films and activities that can melt the barriers of difference," said Allisa, who on December 10, 2018, received the Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award from the President of Taiwan for JG activities in Indonesia.

Beka Ulung Hapsara, Commissioner of Komnas HAM asserted that intolerance prevalent in Indonesia at the moment is the fruit of the acts of various intolerant groups and organizations in recent years.

Related to the factors that trigger the occurrence of acts of intolerance, Komnas HAM encourages the active role of the central government to overcome the emergence of intolerant and discriminatory regional policies. 

Beka added, "regulation of religious beliefs are within the discretion and duties of the central government, and should not to be delegated to regional government."

Komnas HAM recommends that global and regional action must be encouraged and implemented in order to empower institutions and individuals at the grassroots level to foster and promote tolerant attitudes and actions within local communities.

In addition to the three speakers, another speaker was Sa'diyah Maruf, a comedian who actively campaigns for tolerance through popular media.

The discussion was opened by the Chairperson of Komnas HAM, Ahmad Taufan Damanik, and moderated by Moh. Nurkhoiron. Dozens of participants from various organizations filled the discussion room which lasted from morning to afternoon. (MDH/Jeff)
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