Informasi Penerimaan Pegawai

Penerimaan Tenaga Pelaksana Program NPM Kerjasama Komnas HAM dan Uni Eropa

  • Nomor: 293/s.0.0.3/X/2018
  • Diumumkan: 8 Oktober 2018
  • Batas waktu: 18 Oktober 2018
In relation with prevention oftorture, Komnas HAM has joint collaboration with the Women’s Commission, theIndonesian Child Protection Commission, the Ombudsman and the Witness andVictim Protection Agency to deal with the issue of elimination of torture ingovernment detention centres under National Preventive Mechanism for thePrevention of Torture in Indonesia.

The initiatives aims to improveunderstanding of and commitment of key government agencies and security sectorsto accountability for and prevention of torture and other cruel, inhuman ordegrading treatment or punishment, through a National Preventive Mechanism(NPM).

In pursuit of the above, KomnasHAM seeks consultants to steer the project implementation with Komnas HAM Commissionersand Staff. Komnas HAM is particularly looking for candidates with strengths inleadership, building partnerships, as well as managing and measuring resultsfor local and national policymakers. Candidates must have the ability to driveforward Komnas HAM’s programmatic goals, policies and strategies through theproject objectives. 

The positions offered are:

1.Program Manager (KH-NPM-001) (see the detail description attached)

2.Program Officer (KH-NPM-002) (see the detail description attached)

3. Finance and Admin Officer(KH-NPM-003) (see the detail description attached)