Kabar Latuharhary

Implementing Human Rights Friendly School for Principal in West Kalimantan

Schools should be a safe and comfortable place to learn, interact and develop tolerance. However, public schools in Indonesia have seen a rise in intolerance related violence.

In order to address this issue, Komnas HAM is working towards the implementation of a Human Rights Friendly School (SRH), which would be used as the framework for the mainstreaming and incorporating human rights policies into school programs and activities. 

Komnas HAM hopes that through the successful implementation of SRH, public schools will become more safe, comfortable, respectful, and protective of the human rights that should be guaranteed to their students and staff.

Komnas HAM, in collaboration with its West Kalimantan Representative Office conducted a training session, at the Grand Tulip Hotel Pontianak from 30th October to 1st November 2018, titled: Training for Trainers for School Principals". 

This session discussed the most effective methods to implement the SRH guidelines in their respective schools and was part of a strategy to raise awareness and disseminate information regarding SRH

The session was attended by 30 high-school/vocational /MAN principals from Pontianak City and Kubu Raya Districts.
In the opening ceremony, the Head of West Kalimantan Province Education and Culture Office- Suprianus Herman fully supported the activity, announcing that "This training is in accordance with the principles of human rights as stated in Article 4 of the Law on National Education System,"

Contributing to the discussion, Mimin Dwi Hartono, a representative of the Education Division of Komnas HAM added "the principal is chosen as a participant because it is an element of leadership so it must be able to apply human rights values in decision making and policy formulation."

The guest list for the opening ceremony of this event included Nelly Yusnita, the head of Komnas HAM's West Kalimantan Office. (MDH/Jeff)

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