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Today, Festival HAM Indonesia 2018 is Begin

Komnas HAM held its first conference to usher in the events of Festival HAM 2018 in Wonosobo, Indonesia, on Monday (12/11). 

Participants of the conference included Beka Ulung Hapsara (Commissioner of Komnas HAM), Eko Satiadi (Expert Staff of Head of Region of Wonosobo), Sumedi (Chairperson of The Human Rights Commission of Wonosobo), and Fajrimei Gofar (Expert Staff of the Office of Deputy Vice President).

The participants were asked a series of questions and were excited to reveal their plans to hold thematic discussions regarding human rights and the public inclusivity of Festival HAM 2018. 

When asked, “Why Wonosobo?” Beka expressed “Wonosobo has shown commitments to Human Rights and has its own regional human rights regulation. 

Additionally, "it is known for tolerance, respect for women, and its general adherence to human rights. We hope that it will be a role model for other regions in Indonesia”. 

The representative of the President’s Office announced that “in 2015, the President of Indonesia specifically mentioned that Wonosobo and Jayaputra are the two best regions when it comes to human rights. Since then, "we have developed and implemented strategies to ensure that there is continuing progress. We believe that Wonosobo has the potential to influence human rights in indonesia," according Jimmy.

The head of the human rights commission of Wonosobo, Pak Semedi added “We hope that festival HAM 2018, and the increasing commitment to human rights in Wonosobo will decrease the number of school bullying and student altercations. Additionally, we believe that Wonosobo can become a role model not only for other regions in Indonesia, but perhaps in South East Asia”.

The press conference concluded after a short discussion on the festivities that will be available throughout festival HAM 2018. It is open to all members of the public, and encourages public participation. (Jeff)

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