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Wonosobo Declaration on Human Rights Festival 2018

The Wonosobo Declaration was signed at the Human Rights Festival in Wonosobo, Yogjakarta (Festival HAM 2018), held from 13 to 15 November 2018.

The declaration was read by Arif Nurhidayat, Chairperson of the Wonosobo Regency's Regional Representative of the People's Council (or "DRPD") on Wednesday, 14 November 2018.

He was accompanied by parties participating in the 2018 Human Rights Festival. The list of parties includesKomnas HAM, Office of the Presidential Staff (Kantor Staff Presiden), the Provincial Government of Central Java, Wonosobo Regency Government, INFID, and Human Rights Commission of Wonosobo Region. Additionally present at the signing of the declaration were the Regent of West Pakpak Remigo Yolanda Berutu and Regent Serdang Bedagai Soekirman.

The complete content of the declaration are as follows:



We recognize that respect, protection, and the fulfillment of human rights are the responsibility of the State, and the Government. The term "Government" includes the central government, the provincial government, the regional, and city governments.

We recognize that the implementation of respect, protection and the fulfilment of human rights require the full cooperation and participation of all parties. This includes the government, civil society and other parties.

We recognize that the Indonesian community faces challenges in the form of the emergence of practices of intolerance, which have the potential to reduce the enjoyment of human rights, and can be a source of instability which will erode and undermine the values of nationalism that are diverse, equal and tolerant.

We recognize that local governments have a very important role to play in the implementation of human rights responsibilities. This equates to, but is not limited to, maintaining and caring for social cohesion and Indonesian unity.

Therefore, in order to advocate values of diversity, and strengthen solidarity for an inclusive and equitable Indonesia, we commit and are ready to make every effort to do the following steps:

1. Improve and maintain the social values and attitudes of tolerance in every community in Indonesia through various approaches, including education and arts and culture, creating and multiplying the space for dialogue for all parties, inter-religious, inter-group, interracial, and intergenerational events. The signatories of this declaration agree that the 2019 election process will be one of the most important milestones in the process of consolidating democracy in Indonesia. As such, parties will make effort to ensure that events relating to the election will run smoothly and peacefully by promoting respect, protection and the fulfilment of human rights for all citizens.

2. Conduct multi-stakeholder cooperation in knowledge management and action collaboration to realize inclusive development practices, for the protection and fulfilment of human rights in accordance with the principle of rights based approach and ensure that no one is left behind in an effort acceleration of achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).

 3. Strengthening the District / City Human Rights movement by establishing a Regency / City Human Rights Network, and making the Indonesian Human Rights Festival an annual agenda.

Wonosobo, November 14, 2018.

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