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Cooperation to Implement Human Rights Based Approach in Banjarmasin City

On 10 January 2019, Komnas HAM signed a collaboration agreement with Banjarmasin District Government representative, Hamli Kursani, the district secretary of Banjarmasin district government. 

The agreement was signed by Hamli, and Commissioners of Komnas HAM- Beka UlungHapsara, witnessed by and Sandra Moniaga, Deputy Chairperson for External Affairs.

The collaboration agreement is a follow-up document which contains guidelines and clarifications with regards to the collaboration between Komnas HAM and Banjarmasin District of Indonesia, as established by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the parties in 14 November 2018 during The Human Rights Festival in Wonosobo, Central Java.

Opening the event, Beka commended the Banjarmasin district government for their efforts in improving access to human rights; this was particularly alluding to Banjarmasin’s recent efforts in strengthening the rights of people with disability. 

“Komnas HAM believes that the government plays a vital role in promoting and upholding human rights. We hope to continue to work together to see more positive changes in the future,” Beka said.

On behalf of Banjarmasin district government, Hamli expressed his gratitude and added, “our office often asks ourselves how we can improve human rights further. We recognise that human rights issues are often multi-dimensional."

Therefore, according Hamli the complexity of the issues would require enhanced communication between his office and Komnas HAM. "At the same time, we are working to strengthen communication with the public using various technologies such as social media platforms in order to improve our response time," Hamli explained.

Prior to the signing of the collaboration agreement, Beka clarified several points within the agreement and highlighted that in order to establish Komnas HAM’s standards and requirements, it is vital that Komnas HAM’s analysis be disseminated amongst the government officials in Banjarmasin. 

Additionally, Beka added that commitment to human rights in Banjarmasin district may warrant the possibility of a human rights festival in the region in the future. 

Komnas HAM is always prepared to provide assistance with regards to structural organisation and contribute to roadmaps which would help the Banjarmasin District Government improve even further.

As a closing remark, Commissioner Sandra added that this Oath will bring about many opportunities to revise regulations, and other mechanisms to ensure that the district implements human rights based approach governance system. 

“Although Komnas HAM holds this collaboration in high priority; we are also striving to ensure that other aspects and issues related to human rights in Banjarmasin are addressed," Sandra said.

She hope to work together with Banjarmasin administrative to simultaneously reduce human rights violations, corruption, and advocate for stronger access to human rights for the Banjarmasin community. 

"We believe that through cooperation, Banjarmasin can become one of an exemplary advocator of human rights," Sandra hope. (Jeffry)
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