Building Back Better

  • Penulis: Komnas HAM dan Tim SEPAHAM
  • Penerbit: Komnas HAM
  • Tahun Terbit: 2023
The Covid-19 pandemic has deepened inequality in the labor market, especially for marginalized groups, such as women, migrant workers, farm laborers, and also for certain sectors such as small and medium enterprises, precariat workers, and others. Due to unequal access to decent work, these groups experience discrimination and access barriers to other rights such as social security, and the right to health. economic security, sick leave, health care, or assistance during times of social restrictions. This situation is exacerbated by new business models, such as the platform-based economy or "gig economy" whose employment relationships are not standardized, and tend to reduce benefits and protections for workers. To address rising poverty levels as …